Zac Buchanan

As a second generation, full-time, award winning knife maker I am proud to carry on the legacy of my Father, Thad, since 2008. 

My work has been featured in popular publications such as BLADE Magazine, Knife World, Knife Magazine, Knives Illustrated, Italian magazine - Lame d'autore and more.  

About Zac Buchanan Knives

Stock Removal Method & Materials

My knives are created using the stock removal method. I start with a piece of high quality steel bar stock and remove material until it is a functional tool. The process is similar to a sculptor removing material until their art takes shape. 

As for steel and handle materials, I only use the highest quality. A typical project would include CPM154 steel, 416 stainless steel fittings, and natural handle materials such as Sambar Stag, Ironwood or Ancient Mammoth Ivory. On occasion I use man made handle materials such as Carbon Fiber, Micarta or G10 to name a few. 

If you're a knife maker or looking to become one, checkout my "ORDER STEEL" tab at the top of this page. I supply many types of high quality steel to the public. If you would like to see more of my process checkout "Zac Buchanan Knives" on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I often post tips and tricks including video footage.